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How does house swapping work?

You are only a few simple steps away from having great holidays and saving thousands of dollars on your next trip away.

Instead of squirelling away and saving for a vacation and going once every few years, Kiwi House Swap enables you to contact other like-minded house-swapping members around New Zealand and enjoy fantastic holidays with free accommodation.

You can check out each others homes online, contact each other via our safe and secure messaging service, arrange a swap date and you’re on your way to enjoying a unique holiday while potentially saving thousands of dollars on accommodation costs.

Step 1 - Search for house swaps and load your own profile

On Kiwi House Swap you can view house-swapping properties around New Zealand for free.

You can use our search tool, which enables you to search specific locations, or just look at the great houses and pick one you like the look of.

You can even set up a login and password and fill out a personal and house profile before taking the next step of paying the annual membership and contacting other house swapping groups.

Remember we are adding new properties daily.

Step 2 - Registration

To take the next step and contact members you will need to become a member yourself. This is simple, just register and pay our annual subscription fee of $89.

If you haven’t already, you will need to register a login and password and fill out a personal and property profile, just follow the simple step by step instructions on screen to do this.

Don’t forget to fill out all the fields and upload some attractive pictures so other members can get a feel for your house or home. It’s best to fill out your profile accurately and as honestly as possible. This means there are no surprises when people swap with you.

The sooner you fill out your profile and have those great photos uploaded to your account the sooner you are on your way to some great holiday destinations throughout New Zealand.

Step 3 – Contacting other house swap members

You are now a registered member. Membership allows you to contact the owners of any of the houses you would like to swap with through our secure e-mail network.

Just click on the house you like and push the contact button. You will be taken through to a contact form so you can send a message to the member you would like to swap with.

Once you have contacted a member via Kiwi House Swap and exchanged a few emails and decided you are going ahead with a swap, we recommend a Skype conversation or a phone call so you can cover off any finer points about the exchange.

Remember communication is the key to a good swap.